Who are we?

Empire Equity Group, LLC is a Real Estate & Business Investment firms that specializes in the acquisition of below market Properties and Companies in Emerging markets. We invest and Partner in Real Estate & Business both locally and Nationally . One of the unique facets of Empire Equity Group is the strong and long term relationships we have with people who bring us deals & opportunities or the people to whom we send deals. Our success is partly parlayed by a transformational way of thinking and a focus on loyalty, relationships and results.


Learn how to sell your company today for more than it's worth. As a business owner you have lots of options: from doing a ESOP, Going Public, or even roll-up strategies. If your company is not quite ready for the exit strategy just mentioned you may be perfect for our Partner For Growth Model. Whatever direction you choose we can help.

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Using our advanced marketing strategies, relational capital and bench strength, we can typically double or triple a company’s profits within 18 months while employing other strategies to reduce costs, resulting in a larger and far more profitable company. Some investors want to participate in the growth of the company with us to get a potentially higher rate of return. You choose.

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Most marketing consulting firms are happy to take your money without providing any guarantee of results. We are highly selective about the companies we work with, but when we do agree to work with a company, we do so on an equity basis, taking an ownership stake in the company instead of consulting fees.

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If you’re interested in becoming a client, we will need to evaluate your business and your specific situation to determine if we would be a good fit for one another. Since we only make money if we succeed at growing your company, we must be highly selective about the clients we take on.

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Become an Investor

Empire Equity Group, LLC is seeking accredited investors to provide funding for acquiring and growing companies in the $1M – $20M range. Our business model involves buying companies, ramping up sales and profits over an 18 – 24 month period and then exiting the deal, typically at a significant profit. Our minimum investment is $25,000 and you must be an accredited investor. If you meet these qualifications and you’re interested in working with us, please submit the application below. This is a secure, encrypted form and all your answers will be held in the strictest confidence

Let us Help you Buy a Business

Our objective is always to create win/win scenarios with our clients. You gain access to our proprietary marketing strategies that can multiply your sales and profits. And once your company has reached its sales and profitability objectives, we bring in buyers who will purchase it for many times what it’s worth today. Thus, we benefit by working with an existing company, rather than trying to start our own companies from scratch. This greatly accelerates the process allowing all participants to make more money in less time and everybody wins.

Let us Help you Go Public

The decision of when to go public with your company should factor in a number of considerations. The chief question of many small business owners is regarding the cost to go public. Going public with a smaller company is significantly less than larger NASDAQ and NYSE listed companies.

A Little About Empire Equity Group, LLC

We work with established companies, not startups, so our typical client is a company in business for at least two years, with gross annual sales between $1 – $20 million. Unlike traditional management consulting or marketing consulting firms, we earn most of our compensation as equity rather than fees. This creates a win/win scenario, since we only make money if we’re successful at growing your business and making you more money.

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