How It Works

Your Website is Your Protfolio

Salak IT provides fast, knowledgeable and friendly website protection services. In today's practice, it is essential to overlook your website up to date and glancing as occupational as you are. We are ready to help.

Our Website Maintenance Services


We are get-at-able to you via email or skype for receiving your requests. We have a commitment to a two business day turn-around on any task. We are always determined to do work at a time.


Salak IT observe your platform for appeasement performance. When troublesome in nature - such as a version update or a safety reason - this job is done instantly and billed to your account.


We recruit technically skillful and vindicated developers. We've examined out all of our team so that you don't have to concern about the level of knowledge or capability.


We hire accurate people that are get-at-able to talk. To affix to that, you have ingress to the whole team. If a bug comes off that claims we pull in extra resources.


We make your time as the money and carefully take care. Profitable hours, online ticketing scheme, time tracking scheme and easy terms make salak IT very liable for your depositing.

System Maintenance

Salak IT intimately observe the top content management and eCommerce platform on the web and take precautions website maintenance service for the most of them.